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Organisation Introduction

Since its start in 1994, Uniresearch, a SME located in Delft, the Netherlands, has become a successful and independent grants & innovation consultancy firm specialised in national and European grants in the field of innovation, research and technological development. UNR has a team of highly skilled consultants and project managers, bringing together a mix of technical, scientific and business administration backgrounds. Based on the experience gained in over 150 collaborative projects, UNR has developed many project management & dissemination procedures, structures and tools.


With almost 30 years of relevant work experience in similar EU projects, the REDHy project perfectly fits to our portfolio. We are glad to continue supporting advances in green hydrogen production and linked technologies. UNR joins the steering committee team in REDHy to aid in making the project a success, achieving the ambitious objectives, and strengthening the network in hydrogen technologies and material science. In addition, the project vision fits perfectly to our main mission ‘Key to Innovation’ focusing on technological innovations and aiding sustainability.

What in REDHy?

Uniresearch is leading the tasks on dissemination, communication and support for exploitation. Communicating and disseminating results of the project to the relevant target audiences are key to ensure a good exploitation of results when the project has ended.


“We are very exited to support the consortium’s groundbreaking efforts in advancing electrolysis technologies.

Project progress

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